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The OPQF, The Professional Office for Qualifications of Training Bodies, was established in 1994.
The OPQF is an organisation that is independent in its decision taking, and is recognised by the State. This organisation participates fully in advisory capacity. It was created on the initiative of the Federation of Vocational Training (FFP). The OPQF has triple representation that combines its authorities, training service providers, clients (companies, OPCA) and a State representative (DGEFP).

It is based on the following criteria:

• compliance with regulations,

• the matching of skills to technical and human resources for training actions,

• customer satisfaction,

• financial sustainability,

• compliance with the code of ethics, the code of professional conduct and internal rules.



Quality Label of French as a foreign language

The State has established a process of quality assurance for centres teaching the French language in France.

Each year over 100,000 people come to France to learn French. Nearly 300 centres of differing statuses, public, private or associations, offer their services. The need for an annotated catalogue, based on validated criteria that facilitate choices, was therefore legitimately perceived as a need by individual users as well as by French diplomatic staff guiding foreign audiences.


The International Center for Pedagogical Studies (CIEP) is a French public establishment run by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research. It associates different professions – expertise, training and evaluation – to meet the needs of target countries and in response to donor orientations, in collaboration with a network
of partners and within the framework defined by French foreign policy. It offers an integrated proposal and, in its role as operator, delivers French solutions for linguistic and educational cooperation, evaluation and certification, diploma recognition, and so forth.

These steps enable the identification, recognition and promotion of language schools where the language programmes and services offer the required quality guarantees.

Now all language centres in France meeting, these criteria, may be awarded with the Quality label of French as a foreign language.

Centres which benefit from this label may, if they wish, benefit from support from diplomatic staff for overseas promotion of their establishments and may be included in the directory of French language centres in France, as published by the CIEP.


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