On average, 4,000 students (professionals, students, school children, individuals), including 1,000 foreign students and 1,300 executives each year.
23,000 hours of training given per year.
4 language departments: French as a foreign language, English, German, Spanish.
around 50 nationalities represented.

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Adecco Formation Fleury Michon Leroy Somer
Airbus France Télévision Martell
Alstom Gendarmerie Nationale Nexter
Astrium Geodis Omia
Bacardi Ifremer Presto
Camus Institut de l’élevage Sogerma
CNES Initiatives Décoration Sopra Group
Danisco Inra Stratégir
EADS Sogerma Inter Mutuelles Assistance Thales group
Education Nationale Laboratoires Bristol-Myers Squibb Vorwerk Semco
Essilor Lecas Wartsila France
Eurocopter Legrand