The Centre Audiovisuel de Royan pour l’Etude des Langues (CAREL, The Audiovisual Centre of Royan for Language Study) was founded in 1966 by the Town of Royan and the University of Poitiers. It's courses are designed for adults and the young, for French and foreign professionals and individuals.
Originally created for overseas students in their preparation for studies at French universities, CAREL immediately offered other languages (German, English, Spanish, Arabic and Russian).

In the 1960s, the CAREL was a pioneer in language learning.

Its reputation has enabled it to receive dozens of students from around the world – not just France – every day of the year.

Today, more than ever before, Carel is recognized for its multimedia equipment and expertise, which places the student at the heart of a training programme that is focused on intensive language learning and the strengthening of communication skills.

More recently, Carel has keenly invested in the field of distance learning through its e-learning platform, telephone courses and blended learning.